We offer three remote ordering methods:

- You contact one of our salespeople by telephone.
- You send us an e-mail containing the details of your order.
- You order directly via our website.

  1. You will be offered the somehow same vehicle that we can always arrange for you.
  2. You will be offered to choose or order any vehicle on the same value you transferred (Note that if there is any shortfall you owe to then you must clear that before shipment, and alternatively if owe you the balance because of overpayment, we will transfer you the balance).
  3. You will be offered to have your paid amount back i.e. refund of same amount & currency that you transferred.

- Pay the remaining balance of 70% from the total price and register the vehicle(digger or tractor) into your name ONLY if you are fully satisfied with our vehicle.
- Your 30% deposit can be refunded in full after the trial testing if you dislike our vehicle,and you will choose to decline the purchase.
- Reserve your wanted vehicle by providing us a 30% deposit from the total value .
- Your order does not become final until we receive your down payment (30%)


Ordering via the website

Ordering via our website is quick and easy.

Step 1: Select your vehicle


Step 2: Click 'Reserve' and fill the reservation form


Step 3: Come to our location and pick up your Equipment .


If you are unable to pick your vehicle up, We can deliver your vehicle anywhere !


What is purchase policy?

Our purchase policy is "First pay First served".

What is "First pay First served" policy?

We favor "First pay First served" policy for customers, which means customer who made the very first payment, shall have the entitlement of purchase. For customers who may fail to 'First pay First served' purchase entitlement due to the order or relatively global time difference, we sincerely apologize them and wish them a very good luck in their next orders.

In accordance of the "First pay First served" policy, the very first payment from Buyers shall be accepted and other following payment in pipeline (if occurred) shall be refunded to loosing Buyer or alternatively shall be offered to purchase any desired vehicle (in replacement) for the value of paid payment.

What is as-is basis of purchase?

Our Company sells vehicles on 'AS-IS' condition. Specifically vehicles are sold as how they appear and are described in our website. 'AS-IS' means that vehicles to be sold in the exact state, which they are, appear in pictures or mentioned in assessment sheet.

I cannot buy online because of some network problems?

If you have problem in buying online, please let us know through our feedback form or email us at with your email address and quote the Product no. of vehicle that you are aiming to buy so that we could proceed your purchase immediately.

Can I request for the vehicle that is not in virtual showroom?

If you do not find your desired vehicle(s) in virtual showroom then no worries, we flexibly offer to arrange all sorts of pre-owned vehicles which we may or may not have available in our virtual showroom, but always you can order or inquire by using "
Contact form" in our website anytime any vehicle which enables our customers to buy the exact vehicle that they desire. We will then come to you with the prices and related details for your suitability.

Can I buy any vehicle (model & specification) from your website?

Yes you can. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee if the vehicle is allowed or forbidden to import in your country. You shall order with your full discretion and knowledge. We recommend you to investigate first of your country import regulations. If you are not sure, please contact our customer service department at and we will guide you accordingly.

Can I cancel the vehicle I bought?

Yes, you can cancel the vehicle you bought if shipping has not been arranged. A cancellation fee will apply as per our sales terms article no. 11 in accordance of which you will be liable to pay 20% of invoice value. Also, cancellation of a vehicle may affect further purchase from us.

When can I confirm my purchase?

We will reserve your order by receiving 100% payment of invoice amount. When you place an order, Proforma Invoice will be issued or generated automatically (in case of online ordering), which will be the proof of your confirmed order. We will send you payment confirmation by email as soon as we received your payment.

For better understanding please read the steps
How to Buy and First pay First served policy.

Can I have an extra key for my vehicle?

No, we are afraid to say that we do not duplicate the keys.

Can I add more vehicles to old order?

No, we are afraid to say that you should order again. Only one vehicle can be bought at one time.

Do you supply Left Hand Drive Vehicles?

Yes we do. All you have to do is fill out the "
Vehicle Reservation Form" and let us know your requirements



When and how do I receive an invoice?

For customers ordering online, will receive an electronic Proforma Invoice (online) right away after order. Then, after full payment once we shipped your vehicle(s), one hard copy of invoice will be sent to you with other shipping documents through courier.

What is Proforma Invoice and why do I need it?

Proforma Invoice is the pre-shipment invoice once the vehicle is purchased. It is bill of payment before shipment that you will be needed to present your bank so as to transfer the payment.

Can I receive a shipping invoice by fax?

Yes, you can if necessary. Please contact at to inform us.



What is  payment policy?

Ams-trucks payment policy is "pay as you buy".

What is payment term?

Buyer shall pay 100% within 24 hours of Proforma Invoice through  (Bank Wire Transfer), Bank Draft, Travelers Cheques or Western Union (letter of credit shall not be allowed). Buyer shall confirm through email or fax bank transcript within 24 hours to us, otherwise we will cancel the purchase and Buyer will be charged a cancellation fee, which is 5% of invoice amount.

What is a Bank detail?

Account Name:  
Swift code:  
UK Pounds (GBP) Account Number:  
IBAN Number:  

Can I pay with any other currency instead of GBP & EUR ?

Yes, we do accept any other currency.

How do I trust you to pay 100% in advance?

We are well-known group in this business since 1998. In our company profile, you can see our registered address and other necessary details about which you can confirm through any resources. Moreover, you can verify the validity of our company Here . Also we are registered European Commission VIES .

I am not experienced, how can I transfer money to you?

We recommend you to contact your bank and let them know what you want to do; they will surely guide and help you.

I am not experienced, what if (after order or shopping or purchase) I need time more than 24 hours to forward you bank confirmation as it may take time to contact with bank?

We recommend you to prepare yourself and get know-how of bank transfer prior to any shopping or purchase.

How do you guarantee for the right vehicle will be shipped quickly if I make a 100% money transfer?

We are global and esteemed company. We do business on service quality, integrity and customers convenience basis. There is no-doubt once you choose the vehicles from our Internet showroom; we assure you that you will get the right vehicle quickly, and definitely once you experience you will get satisfied. All we want is the right payment on right time from you. If there we found any discrepancy in the car we will very truly let you know before shipment.


Do you accept partial payments or installments?

No, we are afraid to mention that there is no such option; you are requested to pay 100% once you order.

Are there any bank charges while I am transferring the amount?

Yes, please bear in mind that there will always be bank charges that you will pay. Thus please bear in mind the approximate expense US$25-US$50.

I have had sent the full amount for vehicle I ordered, what should I do next?

Once you pay, please inform us and send us the copy of your bank transfer slip so that we can check here accordingly. Once we received the full payment, the vehicle will be allotted to you and we will let you know the order status. Documents will be sent to you by courier within 10 working days from the date of shipment.

I paid in full but my vehicle has not been sent?

Once you pay, you must get the receipt of acknowledgement from us via email. After the acknowledgement, if there is delay please keep check your status on our website through "Order Tracking" and at your request we also inform you the current status. The unusual delay may occur because of shipping schedule or lack of available space in ship.

I have sent the payment, will I receive payment notification?

Yes, once we received the payment from you, we will inform you within 3 days of receipt as an acknowledgement of payment receipt.

I have sent the amount but the vehicle has not been sold in website?

Yes, it true. Once you order you must see "Reserved" text mention with the vehicle, that mean the vehicle is reserved for you, however, the vehicle will not be removed from the virtual showroom until we get the payment from you within 48 hours of order. As per our sales terms please note that our purchase policy is "first pay first served'. Once we get the payment from you, we will send a notification to you.

I paid the amount and then found out that the vehicle has already been sold?

As per our sales terms please note that our purchase policy is "first pay first served' which monitors the very first payment we get without prejudice. This means that it could be happened as some other customer might have paid first and we get that payment before yours and that reflects the system of privilege. Normally it does not happen if you at least send us the bonafide signed or certified copy of your bank transfer transcript or statement within 48 hours. However, if this unusual case occurs, you will be offered various options as follows,


Thus, you will have all option in your hand. Please feel free to share with us. We apologies for any inconvenience if occur due to our purchase policy. You could send us your bonafide signed or certified copy of your bank transfer transcript or statement through fax or scanned copy through email.

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